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We are proudly one of the very few solely independent South African companies still in business since 1989.

Please support us! We are small but are a SANAS accredited ISO/IEC 17025 Testing Laboratory.

Our modern laboratories are continuously being updated and expanded with a wider range of apparatus and electronic instrumentation.

We provide a wide range of laboratory and scientific services:

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A Skills Training Manual in Basic Chemical Laboratory Techniques
Training Manual
An excellent self-help book and reference guide!

The training manual will assist any laboratory worker who has not had the opportunities to obtain formal education and training in simple laboratory procedures. Its intended use is bridging-the-gap from school to employment. Sections of the manual can also be used as a ready reference source.There are many Exercises at the end of the Lessons. Answers are supplied.

Some of the Lessons covered are:

  • How to take a sample;
  • Correct use of chemical reagent bottles;
  • How to use basic laboratory equipment;
  • How to take accurate temperature, conductivity and pH readings;
  • Correct filtration procedures;
  • Use of hydrometers;
  • How to do titrations;
  • Data interpretation.
  • And many more useful laboratory techniques are discussed.

To order a copy write to:

  • Italic Publishers
  • P.O.Box 4618
  • Durban 4000
  • South Affrica

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